Sellers need to put in the extra effort to get their homes ready to show.

There is a lot more inventory right now than there was at this time last year. That means sellers have to be more competitive because buyers have more options. Today I want to talk about three steps you should take to get your house ready for the market and ensure that you get the best deal:

1. Depersonalize and declutter. Put your family photos and ornaments into a box that you can store in your garage or basement. The first floor needs to be especially clean because that is buyers’ first impression when they walk through the door. They will either immediately want to continue looking through the house or they feel like it isn’t the house for them. Make sure things are put away, countertops are clear, and beds are made. When things don’t look busy and small, buyers can visualize living there.

“Sellers have to be more competitive.”

2. Make minor repairs. A crack in the wall or a leaky faucet should be repaired before you start showing your house. Buyers want to know that you’ve taken care of the home. If small things haven’t been taken care of, it sends the message that there might be other larger issues with the house. Even a quick coat of paint makes a big difference. Small repairs and updates generally don’t cost much and give a great return on investment.

3. Do a deep clean. I recommend hiring a cleaning crew to clean the windows, cabinets, and floors. You don’t want buyers to see dust, cobwebs, or dirty dishes in the sink. 

Follow these steps to get a buyer and a great price soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.